(MyQT) is a Learn – Research – Build organization

MyQuantum Technology (MyQT) is a repository of world-class knowledge and wisdom contributed by the best minds in the field of Quantum Computing. MyQuantum Technology operates across the globe, through its vast network of affiliates and partner organizations. MyQuantum Technology (MyQT) offers training, certification Courses, Research Opportunity, and consulting services.



MyQuantum Technology (MyQT) provides a host of learning modules for
* Students
* Working professionals
* Academic Institutions
* Corporates
* Startups
The courses are custom curated by industry experts after consulting professors.
With each passing day Quantum Computing is evolving and growing fast. The one who catches up with this new deep tech revolution, will be ahead of the curve and enjoy the advantage of early entrants. We provide assistance in Placements and Internship with the leading Corporates and Startups across the globe.


MyQuantum Technology (MyQT) is actively involved into research in the fields of
* Quantum Computing
* Quantum Machine Learning
* Quantum Hardware and
* Quantum Information processing
We have participated in the industry challenges such as BMW Challenge, Research on Portfolio optimization, etc.,
With the advent of more commercially available Quantum Computers and Simulators, it is becoming easy for researchers to move forward from theory to practical usage of the Algorithms and quantum software development.


MyQuantum Technology (MyQT) will enter into field of building of Quantum Computing Solutions from Aug-2025. We are in the process of creating the sustainable and scalable team.